How to draw a bee

Learn how to create a honey bee drawing with our easy to follow, step by step tutorial. Our simple drawing bumble bee guide can teach most any worker how to draw a simple bee. Let’s get buzzing!

Step 1

Start by drawing a yellow lemon on its side with a small black circle on the left end.

Step 1 how to draw a bee

Step 2

Draw black crescent shaped lines across the bee body and double the head size while adding a grey mouth and eyes and two black curved antennas.

Step 2 how to draw a bee

Step 3

Draw black simple legs as skinny as a hair and a small stinger. Then with white add the first stroke of the wing at the top of the bee’s body.

Step 3 how to draw a bee

Step 4

Focusing on the wings, make the first wing a little bigger and then draw the outline for the second wing which is a little smaller than the first.

Step 4 how to draw a bee

Step 5

Color in the second wing to match the first wing and voila. You’re done!

Step 5 how to draw a bee

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